EASTIES @ the craft fair

Students Shelby Waddoups and Sydney Masters showcased the new technology and crafty tools we use and the things created. The two used the newest addition to our EAST classroom the “glowforge” to create school ornaments of our school and the surrounding community schools, raising over $500 to help out our EAST classroom plan trips, invest in new technology, and stock our inventory. Sydney also created the poster below to advertise the craft fair. We are very excited to share what is being created in our classroom and hope to continue participating in events like these.

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Fun Fridays :)

We in EAST at Dover High every two weeks, take a class period to do a team building activity. Our goal being to bring the class back together as one, and build our relationships. Some of our activities include : Pat on the back, which is where we secretly wrote things to encourage each other on a paper hand placed on our backs; A time crunch group puzzle, where we all have a piece of a puzzle and work together to put it together for a finished project, metaphorically we all bring a piece of the puzzle to the EAST classroom to make it complete; our students have also done the Co-Op-A-Walk to build communication skills, two students share two boards and a rope to race another group.

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We’re seeing in 3D… again.

We’ve all been there, working in our EAST classroom when all of a sudden the 3D printer, yea you know the one, starts malfunctioning and Mr./Mrs. Facilitator has to go and try to troubleshoot like the 3D printer genius they are…Well, alumni Colby Taverner decided to leave one final legacy before he left, and so he wrote and received a grant from the Dover Public Education Foundation to purchase us a brand new NWA3D A31 3D Printer. Our MakerBot still works, but as we progress as an EAST program, we know it is time for something newer and more advanced so we can continue to expand our printing capacity. Overall we’re really excited and hope to be posting some of our new creations soon!

The Innovation Hub

We annually get to enjoy a beautiful day at the Arkansas Innovation Hub. We learn different skills, talents, and technologies from several instructors. We have learned 3-D printing, ink press, clay modeling, painting techniques/dyeing textiles, engineering, robotics, and much more to come. Students really enjoy the creative outlet and the ability to incorporate this new found technology or skills into our EAST classroom. Overall we come back to the EAST classroom full of creativity and ideas for future maker opportunities and ideas for projects!

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Arduino Training

“My lights are blinking!”

This was a small yet monumental victory for Tandem Young at the Arduino training he attended in November. Alex Shalk and Tandem attended this training in hopes to begin learning the ins and outs of Arduino so they could take it back to EAST at Dover High and  create something great. They learned a lot that day, from the basics of Arduino to creating light with a simple circuit board. The boys are currently working hard in their EAST classes to master Arduino and use it for project development in their ever-growing community.

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EAST at Dover High’s Newest Best Friend

Although we can tell you all day long about the things we do in EAST at Dover High, we decided to let a chat bot do it for us. Colby Taverner recently invested his time and interest into the chat bot program Facebook has to offer. Using Facebook Messenger, you can type questions or key words that will prompt an explanation or another question about our EAST program. Colby has inserted information about the many projects we have going on and the ones we have finished, all that can be accessed with just a few words. You can also learn about the technology we use day to day, and the software and hardware that comes with it. Although it is a work in progress Colby is making the most out of the chat bot, utilizing it as a way to expand the knowledge our community has of EAST at Dover High. And it’s all through the most popular social media platform of this day and age.Chat Bot Photo jpegChat Bot Photo2 jpegChat Bot Photo3 jpeg

EAST Day Camp

What was EAST Day Camp?

EAST Day Camp was a day that we  set up to show new or returning EAST students/school faculty different types of software and allow them to create and design their own projects.  To start the day an EAST alumni, Abby Mahon, taught us all about Adobe Illustrator and we even got to make our own business cards. Then, we transitioned into 3D printing, where Colby Taverner informed us on how to download different files and just the overall idea of 3D printing. The last software we learned about was Cricut Design Space, where we all got to design our own decal and cut it out on the Cricut! After eating lunch we gathered and brainstormed about the different projects that we could do and improve on using our new skills. Overall the day was full of learning and growing in our softwares and furthering the horizon of opportunities!!