EAST at Dover High’s Newest Best Friend

Although we can tell you all day long about the things we do in EAST at Dover High, we decided to let a chat bot do it for us. Colby Taverner recently invested his time and interest into the chat bot program Facebook has to offer. Using Facebook Messenger, you can type questions or key words that will prompt an explanation or another question about our EAST program. Colby has inserted information about the many projects we have going on and the ones we have finished, all that can be accessed with just a few words. You can also learn about the technology we use day to day, and the software and hardware that comes with it. Although it is a work in progress Colby is making the most out of the chat bot, utilizing it as a way to expand the knowledge our community has of EAST at Dover High. And it’s all through the most popular social media platform of this day and age.Chat Bot Photo jpegChat Bot Photo2 jpegChat Bot Photo3 jpeg

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