EAST Day Camp

What was EAST Day Camp?

EAST Day Camp was a day that we  set up to show new or returning EAST students/school faculty different types of software and allow them to create and design their own projects.  To start the day an EAST alumni, Abby Mahon, taught us all about Adobe Illustrator and we even got to make our own business cards. Then, we transitioned into 3D printing, where Colby Taverner informed us on how to download different files and just the overall idea of 3D printing. The last software we learned about was Cricut Design Space, where we all got to design our own decal and cut it out on the Cricut! After eating lunch we gathered and brainstormed about the different projects that we could do and improve on using our new skills. Overall the day was full of learning and growing in our softwares and furthering the horizon of opportunities!!

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