2017 Conference Recap – Level Up EAST Mode

Hey! Welcome to our blog! This is where we are going to tell you about everything we have going on. Today, the topic of choice is EAST Conference, which is a big training venue where all EAST schools, students, and facilitators get together and compete, share, and collaborate. There are also tons of things to do and resources to gain information from. This year we went with 7 students to make one team. IMG_1220(Left to right, back row: Braden Duvall, Bryce Masters, Nathan Johnson, Colby Taverner, Left to right, front row: Gracie Hartzell, Faith Johnson, Abby Mahon,                      Facilitator Sharla Hartzell)

We go for three days and set up a booth highlighting all of our projects and things we’ve done. The first day we get there, we setup our booth and attend opening plenary, where we learn about the exciting events taking place and receive a good luck from Matt Dozier (CEO of EAST!!). Then we as a team go out and eat, or order in :), and then return to our hotel for a team game night! We play and eat and prepare for the next big day. Day 2 is the biggest day of EAST Conference. On this day we start at 8 a.m. and don’t stop until 8 p.m. We start off the day at our booth or visiting other booths. As the day goes on we go and attend our different breakout sessions. Breakout sessions are little trainings where we learn about skills or how to use technology from professionals, alumni, or businesses. The one I attended was full of information about making a great first impression. When we finish out the time of booths, breakout sessions, and tinkering, we head back to our hotels and get all prettied up for the Gala, where they announce the winners of most of the competitions, including the Timothy R. Stephenson Founders Award.cropped-img_1259.jpg

After the Gala we go back to our hotel to SLEEP, something we’re missing by the end of the day! Finally, on the third and final day, we go and show our booth and visit other booths for the last time and finish up our breakout sessions. Then, we go to closing plenary, where they finish announcing the winners and reveal the theme for the following years conference. The theme for 2018 is All Systems Go and we can’t wait!

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